Green upgrades can make your property stand out without costing you hard.


clean house

Painting the walls of your house with low or zero VOC paints, can allow you breathe in healthy air.



Patio, walkways and outdoor living areas can also be designed along with your landscape.


house landscape

This is offered by experts who will help you design your property.


Garden Room and Tiered Deck1

The room provides space for a worktable and rows of plants that require hardening before moving outside.


Kitchen Lifestyle Suite

The suite makes it easy to entertain and provides a more efficient cooking and dining area.



A nursery needs to be designed with safety as the first priority.


living room

The living room is the most important space of the house as it is where families relax.



It’s really a good option to buy a house that needs a little upgrade such as rebuilding the kitchen.


wall of flowers

With a confined space, layers can add depth and make the yard seem bigger.


Keeping your precious items in a self-storage is also a good idea to secure them.


Use containers

Container gardening can provide height variation, color, and a place for some plants